Richard Hoff, co-founder of Charitree Namibia, is a well-known Namibian entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He uses his knowledge of the Namibian business environment to turn start-ups into profitable businesses and recognizable brands. As a broker for Aldes Business Borkers and the owner of Be Local Technical Services, Sahara Plant Hire, Sahara Commodities and Inesfly Pesticides, Richard dreams of using his network to improve the socio-economic conditions of the Namibian people.

Together with life-long friend and business partner, Shahil Morar, Richard started Charitree Namibia in 2019 because he recognized the need of Namibian charities for sustainable solutions to funding and growth.  On this premise, Hoff and Morar built an organisation that brings businesses, suppliers, sponsors, donors and welfare organisations together to benefit from local and global funding opportunities. The first of its kind in Namibia, Hoff hopes that Charitree will soon grow to create similar opportunities for societies across the African continent.  

The son of an immigrant family who moved to Namibia shortly before the country’s political independence, Shahil Morar worked in the family business, now a well-renowned enterprise, from a very young age. This experience groomed him for entrepreneurship and taught him the value of family and hard work. As the CEO of Sahara Commodities, Managing member of Overo Investments and Project Captain of Redwing Properties & Projects, Shahil has acute business acumen and a passion for developing and uplifting the most vulnerable members of our society.

It is this passion that lead him to join hands withRichard Hoff for the creation of Charitree. Shahil believes that Charitree can offer a sustainable and innovative approach to growing welfare organisations and therefore improving the socio-economic conditions of all Namibians, and one day, all Africans across the continent.


Our team consists of young, energetic Namibians who have over 20 years of combined experience in media, marketing, logistics, administration, public relations and finance. They strive to create a better Namibia through the support of vulnerable communities and poverty alleviation initiatives. We also reward volunteers from vulnerable communities, giving them an opportunity to grow their skill in logistics, administration and marketing!


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