Helping you find the right CSR fit

Corporate social responsibility, (CSR) corporate giving, corporate philanthropy, whatever you call it, is an essential part of being a business in the 21st century. Every enterprise has a responsibility to develop and grow the society in which it operates but CSR can be daunting and costly.

ChariTree is the connection between your CSR and Namibian charities, welfare organisations and schools. Being connected to 40+ (and growing) registered charities in Namibia, we help you find an organisation or community that you want to assist, sustain and GROW. Whether a once-off contribution or a long-lasting partnership, we help you, help them.

Not sure where to start with CSR?

It’s ok, we’ve got this! A part of our services include a CSR audit where we help you align your organisation’s ethos, capacity and goals with a CSR plan that is sustainable, ethical and wholesome.

Still don't see the point of CSR?

Besides being a fantastic opportunity to build your brand, CSR has a proven track-record of improving staff morale, and customer loyalty. CSR sets the tone for your attitude toward society at large. If you want your business to be viewed as responsible and ethical, CSR is a MUST!

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