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Support Namibian charities with the amazing work they do for the less fortunate

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Volunteer Program

The ChariTree Outreach Program aims to distribute consumables provided by WUTOW Trading on a regular basis. Working with 35+ (and growing by the day) charities throughout Namibia. Help us to help those who need our help.

Charity Program

Benefit your Charity by signing up to the The ChariTree Outreach Program. WUTOW Trading is a Namibian based FMCG sales, merchandising, warehousing and distribution business, who shares the same values and interest in uplifting the communities.

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Luxury house worth N$2.7 Million
Or N$2 Million in cash

Fund Raising for Charities. Prizes for Participants. It's a WIN-WIN for everyone.

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ChariTree is a Fund Raising Platform to raise much needed funds for Responsible and Ethical Namibia Charity Organisations. PLUS you stand a chance to win awesome prizes.

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