ChariTree associates with the following registered charity organisations:

Cancer Association of Namibia


The Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) in cooperation with the community, fights cancer and its consequences countrywide for the benefit of all Namibians by supporting research; health education and information; care and support services. It is the distinct aim of CAN to educate the general public regarding the prevention, early detection and dangers of cancer. CAN renders a welfare service to all cancer sufferers according to established criteria.

Autism Association of Namibia

Autism  Association Namibia is an association made up of parents, their children with ASC, adults with ASC and professionals who are interested in promoting the well-being of persons with autism spectrum disorders within Namibia, and to provide a network between the various autism organisations world-wide.  Our aim is to provide support and assistance as well as training in the field of autism to parents and professionals.  In the current economic climate and with the diverse needs of various members of the community this is becoming increasingly difficult.

Namibia Heart Foundation

Cardiac and related disease is prevalent in our country. Although the medical and allied professions, government and private hospitals, medical aid and insurance sector, and others do their utmost to educate Namibians on preventative and early diagnostic measures, much more needs to be done. The Namibian Heart Foundation (NHF) was specifically established to compliment the good work of others as it relates to educating Namibians and thereby creating an awareness of heart disease and the associated risks. Additionally NHF aims to help, guide and support individuals affected by or suffering from cardiac disease.

Môreson Special School

The Môreson School caters for 150 intellectually impaired learners from all over Namibia. Most of our learners come from very poor families; some are orphans, abused and neglected children. Our school is situated in Khomasdal and we accommodate learners with physical and mental impairments. We try to teach our learners to become independent and self-reliant

Lebensschule Rehoboth

Lebensschule, (translates to School of Life) was founded by retired nurse Kathy Hampe, born in Rehoboth and currently resides in Windhoek, Namibia. Children with disabilities are frowned upon and it is considered a curse in the culture. While working with families during her nursing career, Kathy came across many disabled children in the homes she visited. She decided that something needed to be done to include these children in the community. She founded Lebensschule to try to provide an opportunity for the children to gain an education and also provide much needed physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Kathy is always there to offer emotional support to both the children and their families.

Side by Side

Side by Side Early Intervention Centre is a registered Section 21, Non-Profit organization since 2013. We provide various services and support to more than 180 children with disabilities and their families.

Side by Side employs 9 staff which include caretakers, day-care providers, home trained therapists, a therapeutic reflexologist, a social worker, and a project manager. We are also very excited about Jani Burger, an Occupational therapist who will be joining our team from January 2021.

The volunteers are a Physio Therapist, 2 Occupational Therapists, an Intern Counsellor, a Music therapist, and several German volunteers.

Dagbreek Special School

The Principal: Dagbreek Centre is a Special School school who’s mission is to provide the best environment from to according to The Ministry of  Education, Arts and Culture Namibia guidelines. We prepare students to function as entrepreneurs, workers, and citizens in a globalised world. The best State school in Windhoek.

Multiple Sclerosis Association of Namibia

Multiple Sclerosis Association of Namibia: According to the founder of the organization, Bianca Özcan, too few people know about the disease in Namibia. This is mainly due to the fact that one looks healthy, even if one is suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) and therefore the disease is not taken seriously. “We want to create awareness for MS so that all can recognize and treat the symptoms at an early stage,” explains Özcan, who was diagnosed with MS even at 22 years of age.Multiple Sclerosis also known as MS is a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system, i.e. the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. In severe cases the patient becomes paralyzed and/or blind, while in milder cases there may be numbness in the limbs.

Petwa Foundation

The PETWA FOUNDATION is a registered welfare organisation to promote the welfare and a healthy lifestyle amongst vulnerable people in the most disadvantaged communities through awareness  raising in the Windhoek district. To provide accessible and affordable health services to the most venerable people through a primary health care programme. To provide financial assistance to vulnerable tertiary students. To conduct fund raising activities in order carry out the objectives of the organisation. REG: W.O.502

EMA - Emergency Medical Assistance Organisation

Our purpose is to provide help for injured, medically ill and disabled people and provide transport with the organization’s own vehicles and professional support to appropriate medical facilities.

  • To respond to requests for assistance of any kind, from citizens, organizations, Institutions, healthcare and government agencies through our dedicated Emergency Coordination Centre.
  • To promote cooperation between health and care facilities for integrated care of the population.
  • To provide assistance in emergencies and disasters through the use of our qualified staff and equipment.
  • To carry out training to enhance Emergency Medical and Medical Care staff, Through publications and public events raise awareness among the population on questions of social and health services, in particular with regard to the support and care of disabled, sick patients and people of any age in rescue services, in the field of youth care and social assistance to conveying.
  • To support disabled and dependent people and their families in need of support and care.

Oshana SPCA

Located in the far north of Namibia, the Oshana SPCA in Ongwediva, Oshana Region, was established in October 2017. One of Oshana SPCA’s early successes has been their work with Town Councils. Town Councils impound stray livestock, mainly goats, pigs, cows, and donkeys, that wander into towns to graze. They require owners to pay a fine for the return of their animals. Shade, water, and food are often insufficient at the Town Council kraals and the Oshana SPCA has been tipped off about cases in which impounded animals have died. The Oshana SPCA is working with Oshakati, Ondangwa, and Okahao Town Councils to improve conditions.

Thanks to a donation from W Horn Attorneys, (a local law firm in Oshakati), the Oshana SPCA purchased a plot of land (7200 sq meters) in Ongwediva, where they intend to build the Oshana SPCA shelter. Once constructed, the Oshana SPCA will have the 1st and only shelter in the far north of Namibia.

The closest private veterinary services to Ongwediva are in Tsumeb, 300 km away! So Oshana SPCA is working closely with the state veterinarians and the Ministry of Agriculture. For spay/neuter services, the Oshana SPCA will use Have A Heart-Mobile (also an AKI Partner Organization) and private veterinary services, as funds allow.

C.H.A.I.N Children with handicaps Action in Namibia

In 1992 three mothers with Down’s syndrome children founded the
Down’s Support group in Swakopmund to establish a parent-to-
parent “helpline”.
From their own experience it was clear to them that parents with handicapped children need a lot of support, both for themselves and for their handicapped children.
Although initially it catered for children with Down’s syndrome it was soon extended to include all handicapped children.
In 1995 we changed our name to C.H.A.I.N.

To initiate Early Intervention Units offering services to all young handicapped Namibian children.
To generate funding in order to bring specialists to Namibia for consultation and advice.
To provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy and family therapy.
To mobilize the parents of the children to be actively involved in their children’s development on the basis of “help to help themselves”.
To assist the children to develop to their full potential and adjust to everyday life.
To facilitate integration into the community by working with kindergartens and schools.

Living Water Village


To create a Namibian society which is sensitive and aware of the challenges encountered by persons with disabilities. We want to empower disabled individuals to take control
of their lives and achieve full participation in the Living Water Village, Home of Hope and Healing Project and in the wider society.

To challenge and remove the barriers from the environment so that people with disabilities can develop their talents. We want to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities and their families through the provision of residential and work activity programmes with an emphasis on inclusion, full participation and independent choice. We want persons with disabilities to feel a sense of belonging, have self-respect, respect for other people, identify and developed their talents, to become independent and be able to practice self-determination.


The Namibian Animal Welfare Association


To support and promote, within available resources, the provisions of Namibian animal protection and welfare legislation across Namibia.

Welfare Registration number WO498

To monitor and promote the welfare of every animal which comes to or is brought to our attention, as well as, the exercise of minimum care by all animal caretakers across Namibia, within available resources.

NAWA is a membership-based organisation, open to any person or body with an interest in our mission statement, aim and objectives.
It is managed through a voluntary annually elected Management Committee.

The Namibian Association of Children & Disabilities

Background of Organization: The Namibian Association of Children with Disabilities (NACD) was established by parents of children with disabilities in 2000 to decrease stigma and discrimination faced by their children. NACD advocates for the rights and equal education opportunities for children with disabilities and encourages social integration. NACD also lobbies the government to improve services and policies.

Equal rights and opportunities for children with disabilities and their full integration into society.

By mobilizing parents, awareness raising in general, awareness-raising among the parents of children with disabilities specifically and by advocacy and networking activities, NACD wants to fight for the rights of children with disabilities, including an equal share in the improvement in the standard of living resulting from social and economic development .

Our objectives are to:

• Prepare children with disabilities for full integration into society, by designing and implementing programs concerning pre-primary educational facilities and income generating activities.
• Improve the living standards of children with disabilities, by providing parents with information, parental guidance and counseling.
• Ensure that the educational rights of children with disabilities are realized through advocacy and networking activities with different stakeholders like the Ministries, schools and special schools.
• Network with strategic organizations within the disability sector to strengthen the organization in working towards its objectives.
• Advise the government on legislation and policies that affect children with disabilities
• Raise-funds to support projects aiming at the realization of equal rights for children with disabilities, their integration into society and equal opportunities for all.

The Rob Youth Foundation

The Rob Youth Foundation was established in 2019 to exclusively address the social challanges faced by Namibian youth in the country.



Our objectives are to:

• To inspire all Namibian Youth to be new ideas inventors for economic growth and to improve their standard of living.
• We strive to create employment among our Namibian Youth by turning problems into solutions.
• We aim to educate our youth about the importance of wildlife to the country GDP, so that the future of our wildlife is in good hands.
• We aim to empower our young girls by making sure that all 14 regions of Namibia have our branches that will supply sanitary pads to all our girls at schools and communities across all corners of the land of the brave.
• We aim to create a friendly environment for the youth to come up with new ways of tackling social problems. 
• Our goal is to work as a team to tackle the problems our Namibian youth are facing and get lasting solutions for the benefit of our country. 

• We set the bar high and aim to be the best foundation in the country in addressing Namibian youth social challenges. 

• To impact knowledge and skills on our youth in order for them to participate in the growth of the country’s economy by being actively involved in developmental activities of the country.  


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