We document all our efforts in uplifting communities so that you can see the value in the work we do!

Drimiopsis Village: In September 2022, we partnered with Wutow Trading and the Naankuse Foundation to deliver happiness and healthcare to the people of the rural East of Namibia that consist mainly of San communities who have recently been badly affected by a scabies outbreak. Truckloads of food, personal hygiene products and cleaning products reached over 4 000 people.

Ongombo Farm: In March 2022, we assisted our affiliate charity, PETWA to reach the remote and struggling farming communities of Ongombo Farm in the Khomas region. We delivered food parcels donated by Wutow Trading to a community that has no access to clean water or sanitation and suffers from unemployment

Moreson Special School: In January 2022, we partnered with Wutow Trading to deliver food hampers to the staff and learners of Moreson Special School – the only institution that provides care and education to disabled children in the informal settlements of Windhoek.

Charities 2022: Every month we hand out tonnes of food and goods to our affiliate charities to distribute to vulnerable communities across the country. This year alone we have assisted 14 000 people through this initiative. Below are pics from our beneficiaries across the country!