What is ChariTree?

ChariTree is in the business of uplifting communities. We run competitions to generate proceeds for registered charities in Namibia and we connect businesses with good causes by creating and facilitating corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns for organisations of all sizes.

Is ChariTree a non-profit organisation?

No, ChariTree is a for-profit business. It is a fundraising and benefits platform committed to uplifting vulnerable communities and creating public good in addition to generating a profit.

Is it ethical?

Yes. ChariTree strives to grow the charitable organisations within its network and is a registered Namibian business. To date we have assisted over 11 000 vulnerable people. We work with only registered charities to make sure that all donations and funds are spent responsibly and go to the communities that need it most. Thus far over N$ 350 000 in prizes have been won by members of the public through our fundraising efforts.


Where does my money go when I buy a ticket?

Once our sales targets have been reached, we will apportion proceeds generated from the sale of tickets to the charities listed here (insert link). When you purchase a ticket, you choose which charity to support and the proceeds of your ticket will be allocated to your chosen charity after the final draw on the 21st of October 2022.

Do you need ticket sales to fund competition prizes?

Yes. ChariTree believes in offering the best prizes possible to encourage the public to get involved in good causes. We do not rely on donor-funding or sponsorship and use our own resources to fund prizes.The grand prize of a luxury park-view home worth N$ 2.7 Million has already been bought and paid for by ChariTree!

Are our competitions open to Namibians only?

No. Anyone, from anywhere in the world can take part in our competitions.

How do I buy a ticket?

You can follow this link to buy your ticket electronically via PayToday of by electronic financial transfer (EFT). Alternatively, you can click here to find a reseller near you!

What prizes are up for grabs?

Early Bird prizes to the value of N$ 350 000 have already been won! The final draw for a N$ 2. 7 MILLION luxury, park-view home at Omeya Gold Course, just south of Windhoek will take place on the 21st of October 2022. If you don’t want to win the house, you can choose a cash prize of N$ 2 Million instead! Learn more about the grand prize here (insert link) and read up on our terms and conditions here


What is CSR?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate social investment (CSI), corporate giving, corporate philanthropy… whatever you call it, is an essential part of doing business in the 21st century. Every enterprise has a responsibility to develop and grow the community in which it operates. Whether it’s in the form of financial support, volunteering, mentor-ship, food and goods donations or social and environmental outreach programmes, doing good, is good for business.

Besides doing good for good, doing good is GREAT for staff morale, investor confidence and positive brand identity. Allow ChariTree to help you find a cause that aligns with your goals, value and budget!

What can ChariTree do for my efforts in CSR?

We can do an Impact Assessment that determines what your CSR goals are and what the most cost-effective and creative campaigns can be to reach them. We then facilitate these campaigns on your behalf, ensuring maximum brand exposure and delivering marketing content that will inform the world of your efforts to uplift communities. Learn more about CSR here.

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