Autism Association Namibia is an association made up of parents, their children with ASC, adults with ASC and professionals who are interested in promoting the well-being of persons with autism spectrum disorders within Namibia, and to provide a network between the various autism organisations world-wide. Our aim is to provide support and assistance as well as training in the field of autism to parents and professionals. In the current economic climate and with the diverse needs of various members of the community this is becoming increasingly difficult.

Currently all our work is done on a volunteer basis. We are dependent on donors and have various projects which need funding:

1: Funding for a development officer to meet the needs of a growing number of persons on the spectrum.
2: Funding for training Namibian parents and professionals in ASC matters
3: Funding for building, equipping and setting up an assessment and support centre.
4: Funding for resources to teach the persons with ASC.

For detailed project descriptions and / or to make a donation, please email:

We are deeply grateful for any assistance received.