We’ve introduced some changes… check here for the news

So far we have sold over 820 tickets but we need more!

Where We're At:

  1. Current economic conditions – it’s harder to sell tickets!
  2. Not everyone wants a house at Omeya – go figure!
  3. Ticket price – barrier to participation. Need more players!

Let's Adapt:

  1. The draw date is replaced by a Real-Time Ticket Countdown Once we have 555 tickets left we will pick a date on which the draw will take place.
  2. WIN a house at Omeya OR N$2 MILLION CASH – You get to choose the house OR the cash.
  3. New Ticket price of N$500 – More affordable tickets makes for greater participation.

Current Ticket Holders:

What if you bought the N$1000 ticket(s) already?
You get 1 additional entry for every ticket you purchased – ticket holders will be sent their tickets automatically over the next few days.
Please note: this includes tickets that have been won. Lucky you!
Logically, all tickets are valid for the Main Prize Draw and the Early Bird Draws.
If you have any questions or queries as a ticket holder, please feel free to call me on 081-275-2257.

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