By completing this form, you will give ChariTree a better understanding of your needs.

In order for us to source donations and support for our outreach programmes, we have grouped the greatest needs of our beneficiaries (registered charities) as follows:

  • Educational needs: volunteer teachers, stationary and book supplies, school clothes etc.
  • Infrastructure needs: renovating buildings, new buildings, new equipment, new furniture etc.
  • Food and Goods needs: regular fresh food, dry goods, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, new and used clothes etc.
  • Internet and Technology: Access to internet and technology makes a big difference when trying to reach people
  • Transport needs: new car, drivers, vehicle maintenance and insurance etc.
  • Energy needs: power bills, solar panels etc
  • Sports needs: athlete development, kits, skills transfer, sports equipment and uniforms, maintenance of terrains etc.
  • Arts and Culture needs: hosting and planning of events, art exhibitions, tutors, art equipment etc.
  • Healthcare needs: Doctor/clinic visits, vaccinations for children, first aid kits, special medication, health and wellness management etc.
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